You want to be a producer, why are you making a creative portfolio?

A producer’s work is mainly on the side that is not publicly visible, similar to project managers in non-creative industries, so it’s a bit more challenging to show my skills and knowledge then let’s say graphic artists or writers. They will have a portfolio consisting of sketches, drawings, final illustrations, short stories or even a book.

I think that making a portfolio shows several things. First, it shows that I’m truly passionate and gladly spend as much free time as possible, to learn and understand the tools, processes, techniques, and have a general working knowledge from which I can grow. Second, it’s a great way to dip my toes in both the film and game pools, especially in activities that have a low entry barrier, such as video editing and game jams.

Unlike traditional portfolios, mine is not intended as a showcase of only the best works. It rather is an outlet to show that I’m continously looking for opportunities and see how it can benefit my personal development.

Which tools have you been using and for what purpose?

Unreal Engine for cinematics, along with Quixel Bridge and Megascans. Unity for game development, mostly the non-coding side but completed a seven week daily live class by Unity with C#. Github and Github Desktop for version control. Blender for modeling and rendering abstract art, and Davinci Resolve for video editing.